Photo Album:

A tract of poor quality hardwood near the completion of a clearcut harvest. 

After harvesting was completed, the land was planted in Loblolly Pine, which will increase the yield and value over a shorter period of time.  Had the land been left to grow back in the low quality hardwood, the rotation period would be longer and the value at next harvest less.

A comparison of pine stumps, both 17 years old upon harvest. 

The timber stand with the smaller tree wasn't thinned and showed slow growth.  The larger tree was properly managed with harvests at the appropriate time.

A hardwood stand  near maturity. 
This stand is showing necrosis due to its age and other environmental causes.  It would benefit from a thinning or complete harvest.  Wildlife would also be enhanced by opening up the canopy and allowing sunlight to hit the forest floor, thus stimulating new growth for browse.

Logging mats being used to cross a field.  By using mats, the soils sustains less damage and the field can be crossed by logging trucks during wet weather without rutting.