Timber Sales:

Armistead Place West - Campbell County, VA - 62 Acres

With over 130 mbf of Oak and over 370 mbf total of sawtimber this is a great tract to build Fall inventory of logs at any mill. There is alaso a large amount of pulpwood present.  The tract has state road frontage on Honeysuckle Lane near Red House, VA.

This is a lump sum sale with all timber within the sale area to be clearcut with the exception of areas flagged blue as a stream buffer, where no trees smaller than 15" diameter at stump height and no more than one-half the basal area may be harvested.

One-half the bid amount is due at closing with the remainining one-half due within six months are at the beginning of logging, whichever occurs first. 

Bids are due by 11 AM on August 17, 2023.

Gibson/Owen Tract - Campbell County, VA - 98 Acres
Loblolly Pine make up the majority of this tract with just a bit of bottomland hardwood.

Bids are due August 15 at 11 AM.       SOLD! 

Elk Valley Tract - Bedford County, VA - 80 Acres
This tract is loaded with grade Poplar and also has an ample amount of Oak sawtimber trees growing.  With state road frontage, an existing network of woods roads and several options for decking sites, it can be logged any time other than perhaps the dead of winter.  The tract is being sold as a diameter limit select cut with all trees 18" in diameter at stump height and larger to be harvested.  Please contact us for a sale prospectus and timber cruise of the tract or check our Goode Forestry Facebook page. 

If you are a timber buyer and would like to get on our bidding prospectus list, please contact us so we can get your information.

Address:  9404 Falling Creek Rd.

                  Huddleston, VA  24104


Phone:  540-580-3675


Email:  goodeforestry@gmail.com

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